RUBY CHOCOLATE : The New Pink Obession

This Pink Chocolate was launched by Kitakat at Japan and Korea in January 2018.Also it available in Europe since April 2018. Now it also available online. And it has plan to launch soon in other countries as well.

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Is the Pink Color Natural?

The 4 Finger Kitkat is now available at pink color as well. But these pink color is natural anyways. There is no color pigment used. This Pink Color Chocolate is known as Ruby Chocolate. And Soon it’s coming to a Retailer near you.

History Of Ruby Chocolate

The chocolate is technically named Ruby Chocolate for it’s pink color like gemstone. In 2017 it was created by Barry Callebaut, A Swiss Cocoa Processor. The Pink Chocolate Beans are collected from The Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil.

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The pink color of this chocolate comes from the pink powder which was extracted during the entire processs. The ruby chocolate was developed after 10 years of Research and testing. Though, now it was considered as the fourth natural color of chocolate.

Taste of Ruby Chocolate

The chocolate has both sour and sweet taste. Ruby chocolate follows Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate which was  made of Cocoa Butter,Powder Milk and Sugar.The taste is similar to the white chocolate. The chocolate has a natural berry flavor. Ruby Chocolate is made of only four flavors, they are- Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Butter, Dairy and Sugar.

Image result for Ruby Kitkat Nestle partnered with Barry Callebaut at January,2018 to release the pink Kitkat which was named “Sublime Kitkat”, created by the chef Yasumasa Takagi. The production methods kept secret by Barry Callebaut. This has led to some people to believe that the cocoa processor has utilized the unfermented cocoa.

The Ruby. chocolate is a big invention in confectionery industry and Nestle is the first brand to get the pink treatment.The chocolate come as Millennial Pink has exploded as a Color Trend.

It can even Bolster Worldwide Chocolate sales. The Sale which have been declined for the past couple of years.


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